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"An exceptional
internship program"


Experience is not required, passion is a must

Are you ready to launch your career in tech but feeling held back by a lack of experience? It's time to take control and seize this opportunity.


At Neon Academy, we believe in the power of self-education and determination. That's why we're offering a unique program for aspiring developers and designers who are ready to work hard and see results.

For 6-9 months, you'll have the chance to work in the Neon Apps Sarıyer office, receive hands-on training, collaborate with a talented team, and work on real projects. You'll also have access to our network of industry professionals and resources to help you succeed.

When you graduate from Neon Academy, you'll have the chance to join our team as a Jr. Developer or Jr.  Designer.  


Don't let a lack of experience hold you back any longer. Apply now and take the first step towards the fulfilling career you've always dreamed of.

What Makes Neon Academy Stand Out?

30-Day Onboarding Camp

As part of Neon Academy, we offer a 30-Day Onboarding Camp designed to introduce you to the field and help you acquire the skills and knowledge you need to succeed.


During these 30 days, you will learn about a variety of topics related to design and development.


You will complete challenges and assignments to help you develop your skills. You will also have a mentor by your side, providing guidance and support throughout the camp.

Onboarding Camp Graduation Project

Onboarding camp graduation project is the final step for interns to demonstrate the knowledge and concepts they have learned during the onboarding camp.  For this project, interns will be required to design or develop a concept iOS app from start to finish in 7-10 days.

Interns will have the support of their mentors and fellow interns throughout the process, and will have the opportunity to collaborate and learn from one another as they work towards completing the project.


Upon completion, interns will have gained a solid understanding of the iOS app development or design process and will be well-prepared to move on to the next phase of the internship program.


1-1 Mentorship Program

Our 1-1 Mentorship Program is an integral part of the Neon Academy experience. This program pairs each intern with a seasoned developer or designer who serves as their personal mentor throughout the duration of the internship.


Through weekly one-on-one sessions, participants have the opportunity to ask questions, seek advice, and receive valuable mentorship from experienced professionals. In addition, mentors also offer support and guidance outside of these sessions, helping participants stay on track and achieve their goals.

Daily Code & Design Reviews

In Neon Academy, interns are required to participate in Daily Code or Design Reviews as part of their development and learning process. These reviews are designed to help interns improve their code or design skills, and provide a platform for constructive feedback and guidance from mentors and instructors.

During these reviews, interns are asked to present their work and receive feedback from their mentors and peers. This feedback helps them identify areas of improvement and allows them to learn from the experiences of others. In addition, the Daily Code & Design Reviews provide a forum for interns to ask questions, seek guidance, and learn from the best practices of experienced developers and designers.


Academy Conferences

Weekly Academy Conferences are led by seasoned developers and designers who are experts in their field, and are designed to educate interns on the latest trends and techniques in mobile app development and design. During these conferences, interns have the opportunity to gain valuable insights into the world of app development and design.


These hands-on experiences allow interns to apply their newfound knowledge and skills in a practical setting, gaining valuable experience that will help them succeed in their careers. 

Weekly Hometasks

In the Neon Academy, mentors assign "Weekly Hometasks" to interns as part of their learning and development process. These tasks are designed to help interns hone their skills and knowledge in a specific area of development or design, and are not related to company projects. Through these tasks, interns have the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills in a practical setting and receive feedback from mentors.

The Weekly Hometasks also provide an opportunity for interns to learn new concepts and techniques. They allow interns to explore new areas of development or design and expand their knowledge base. These tasks challenge interns and help them grow as professionals, preparing them for success in the field of mobile app development and design. 


Academy Awards

The Academy Awards recognize the outstanding achievements and contributions of interns during the academy, and are designed to encourage and motivate them to excel in their development and design skills. There are several categories of Academy Awards, including "Cleanest Code," "Best Design," and "Fastest Man Alive"


These awards are presented to interns who have demonstrated exceptional skill and dedication in their work.

The Academy Awards provide a sense of accomplishment and motivation for interns to continue striving for excellence in their careers. They serve as a way for interns to receive recognition and validation for their hard work, and help them to feel valued and appreciated for their contributions to the development and design process.

Academy Hackathons

The Academy Hackathons are held on weekends, from 7 PM Friday to 7 PM Sunday, and provide a platform for interns to showcase their skills and creativity in mobile app development and design.

During the hackathons, interns form teams of one designer and two developers. They work together to come up with an idea, create a design, and build a complete mobile application within a short time frame. The hackathons provide a fast-paced and intense learning experience, helping interns develop their skills and knowledge in a practical setting.

After the hackathons, interns present their projects to a panel of judges, and the best project is awarded a prize. The Academy Hackathons provide a unique opportunity for interns to work on real-life projects and challenges and receive recognition for their achievements.


Graduation Ceremony

The Graduation Ceremony is a special event held at the end of the Neon Academy internship program to celebrate the achievements and accomplishments of those who have completed the program. This ceremony is held after a period of 6-9 months, during which interns receive education, mentorship, and hands-on training in mobile app development and design.

At the Graduation Ceremony, interns are recognized for their hard work and dedication, and are presented with a certificate of completion. They also have the opportunity to show off their skills and knowledge by presenting their final projects to a panel of judges.

During the ceremony, interns wear graduation gowns and throw caps to mark the occasion. The ceremony is a joyous celebration, honoring the achievements of the graduates and recognizing their hard work and dedication throughout the program. It is an important part of the Neon Academy experience, celebrating the success of interns as they become skilled professionals in the field of mobile app development and design.

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