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Learn how the magic works!

Learn more about our outsourcing process.

Sales Process


Introduction & Agreement

In the first stage, we understand whether we can help you by getting information about your needs and requirements, determine the scope of the project, prepare a special price offer and sign the contract.

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How the introduction step works?

We get information about all the details and scope of the application in the introduction meeting.

We prepare a unique quote that includes your application's timeline, milestones and price.

By signing a contract with you, we start working on your application.



Our design team starts working on the wireframe, userflow, UI/UX, screenshots and app icon. Your dedicated Product Manager, who works with you during this process, directs the design team according to your wishes.


How the design step works?

We create the wireframe, and the skeleton of the application and present the user flow to you.

​We prepare the UI/UX Design of the application and improve it with the feedback you will share.

We prepare the app icon and screenshots of the application and deliver all the source files you will need.



After the designs are completed, our development team starts to develop your application using the latest technologies needed.


How the development step works?

Our development team develops your app to be exactly the same as UI/UX.

Our QA Testers will do quality assurance tests on your application so we fix any bugs found.

After the internal tests are completed, we upload the application to Testflight and share it with you for revisions.



After the development process, our team handles everything necessary to publish your application on your account.


How the distribution step works?

After design and development are complete, we upload the app to your App Store Connect account.

We complete all the necessary configurations for you on App Store Connect.

After your approval, we submit your app and solve all the problems you may encounter during the review process.



Even after your app has been released on the App Store, our team is there for everything you need. We fix the bugs that you encounter, improve the app and develop new features.


How the maintenance step works?

If new bugs or issues are found after going live, we will fix bugs as soon as possible.

We listen to all your ideas and try to help you to improve the quality of your application.

We design and develop the new features you will need to add to your application.

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