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Baby Sleep App

Calm Music, Meditation, Sounds

Say hello to a healthier and more peaceful life with your baby. App's mascot Tofy will be your best assistant when communicating with your baby, with its features to listen to your baby's cry and ask you questions and give you advice based on your answers. Tofy also hosts lullabies that will help your baby fall into a peaceful sleep as soon as possible, music that will make them relax and fall asleep as soon as they hear, and stories that will take them on a journey to magical and magnificent worlds, carefully prepared in the light of experts.



Tofy has prepared personalized cards for your baby! These cards contain information that will be very useful for you and will make your baby very happy!



You can make your baby listen to Tofy's lullabies that will help your baby relax and sleep, stories with a soft tone, classical melodies by experts for babies, white, pink, brown noise approved by experts, nature sounds and more...



Have Tofy listen to your baby's cry and answer the questions. After question 10, Tofy shows you a guide explaining why your baby is crying and what you can do about it.



With more than 50 blog posts by Tofy's research team, you can easily find every detailed information you are looking for about baby care.

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                    USER COMMENTS

Molly Savignac

I was seriously looking for such an application for my baby I got rid of ridiculous sites from Youtube.

Molly Savignac

Life-Saver App for Moms Two words: pleasantly surprised. This thing is really worth the money, especially when considering the times I would be sleepless and miserable without it. 5 stars from me.

Shirley Aguila

I love it! It's really impressive. Especially the crying analysis surprised me. I'm sure it will improve further. We loved Tofy

“10” Steps to solution for a happy baby

Now you will understand your baby's language better thanks to Tofy

Do you need an expert to help you care for your baby?

Each stage of the Tofy app has been carefully developed by experts and has been brought together with a user-friendly interface in a single app for you.

Your baby is having sleep problems and don't you know how to solve it?

Stories that will take your baby to magical worlds with a soft tone so that your baby can sleep more comfortably, classical, melodic and peaceful music and nature sounds are waiting for you at Tofy.

Unique lullabies for your baby to relax and sleep.

Classical, melodic and peaceful music recommended by experts for babies.

White, pink, brown noise approved by experts, nature sounds and the sounds of many environments where your baby is with you.

Personalized advice cards for your baby.

Ability to analyze the reason by listening to your baby's crying sound

Tofy will add color to your and your baby's world and will greatly support your baby's peaceful sleep.

Remember, a baby's tears are her/his most effective way of speaking, and another person who speaks this language in the world is Tofy.

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