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Call Blocker

Block Spam Calls

With this app, you can block these spam calls at the call moment. The application not only warns you against risky numbers at the time of calls, but also allows you to block these numbers easily. Moreover, thanks to its powerful database, you can find and block risky numbers before they call you. If there is a number that you know is risky but you can't see it in the database, you can save these spam numbers on the database, yourself. This will warn other users of dangerous calls.



When the risky number calls you, a warning sign appears on your call screen. If you wish, you can easily block them.



You can easily block unwanted numbers through a simple menu.



You can add risky numbers to the database with the save feature of the app.



Create your own block list in advance and block them with a single touch.

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                    USER COMMENTS

France Halverson

This is the best call blocker app because their database are really huge.

Michael M. Giannone

This app is a perfect way to block dangerous people and warning others against them.

Darren Ricketts

App really warns you in to the call screen immediately.

You will enjoy feeling safe with Call Blocker!

You no longer have to worry about dangerous numbers calling you.

Are you looking for an application that will protect you from these risky numbers?

Call Blocker warns you against risky calls at the call moment and you can also block numbers you know they are risky via the app.

Are you afraid of being scammed over phone calls?

Call Blocker immediately warns you of risky calls.

Adding risky numbers on the database.

Viewing strong database of Call Blocker.

Warning on the call screen.

Easily blocking by a single tap.

Feature to make and save spam number list.

Stay safe by blocking unwanted and dangerous calls.

Thanks to the easy user interface of the Call Blocker, you can easily block unwanted numbers through a simple menu.

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