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Easy Scanner App

Convert Photos to PDF

Easy Scanner turns your phone into a full-fledged scanner for great convenience in your daily life. You can download the application for free and use it to scan, share, save files and convert them to format such as PDF. What you need to do is very simple; Take your phone, show the document you want to scan and let the application detect the photo itself and take it. Then convert it to PDF and send it to any person or storage with one tap.



Take your phone, show the document you want to scan and let the application detect the photo itself and take it.



You can convert your files to PDF with one tap.



Your documents will not be lost anymore because with Easy Scanner everything is in one hand!



Share your documents easily on WhatsApp, Drive, Icloud etc.

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                    USER COMMENTS

Mohammed Stone

Finally an easy to use documents app. The interface of the app is really user friendly.

Jospeh Briggs

The signature feature is very convenient. I used to scan documents and forget the signature, but this app saves your signature and pastes it wherever you want.

Barrett Dunlap

I have a lot of document work due to my job. The app really worked for me. I no longer need to upload it to the computer and then scan it and then bla bla...

Make all file things with a single tap

All Document Work In One Hand

Do you have a lot of document work and don't know how to organize them all?

If you have a document job, you will no longer need to print it out, scan it from the scanner, install it on the computer and then send it to the necessary places via email, as usual.

Do you need a scanner to easily convert your documents to pdf?

You can convert the document you want to pdf in a single tap by taking a photo of the document or uploading the document directly to the app.

Choosing mode you want to scan.

Auto angle detection and auto shoot feature.

Changing the color of the photo with fonts or showing it as a photocopy.

Sharing easily on WhatsApp, Drive, Icloud etc.

Adding your signature to your scan or file.

Take a photo of your document and scan it. Then edit it, you can add texts, signatures, colors and more...

After editing your document, convert it to pdf, then save it if you wish, or send it via the app you want.

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