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Heart Rate App

Pulse Monitor

The application, which is prepared for people who have any problems with issues such as heart attack, cardiovascular diseases, atrial fibrillation - Afib, stroke, stress, diabetes and etc., can take your heart rate whenever you feel any change or discomfort, analyze your movement and mood and show you quickly. You should only use your camera flash to view your heart rate.



Put the finger on the camera, the app detects a color change in your fingertip every time your heart beats and show you your heart.



You can control your stress level, identify and level your negative emotional reactions, and monitor your mental health.



Examine when you are more or less active, when you are more tired and how these affect your mood and pulse.



The app makes it even easier to keep track of heart and overall health.

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                    USER COMMENTS

Arvel Tiana

The meastruments end really quickly and the result charts prepare at the same time, it is very useful.

Addison Merit

It's a great app that can measure your blood pressure in seconds from your camera's flash.

F. Ethelred

It's very easy to use, allowing you to easily measure your heart rate wherever you are.

Provide an overview of your lifestyle.

Just put your finger on the cam then monitore your heart rate easily.

Do you have a condition where you need to constantly check your blood pressure?

You no longer need a special heart rate monitor to measure your heart rate. You can measure your heart rate by using your camera's flash.

Do you need an app to show you how your lifestyle affects your mood and heart health?

The app collects your activity level, mood, and heart rate data to create daily, weekly and monthly charts for you.

Instant heart rate measurement using camera flash.

Mood tracker to control your stress level.

Quick, accurate, and excellent graphs for monitoring your fitness and wellness!

Results history for viewing all analyses.

Also perfect for High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) or Cardio.

With amazing functions of Heart Rate App, you will easily find out how healthy you are.

You can use the app's analyzes to track your health, stay strong and live long.

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