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Kids Sleep App

White Noise & Bedtime Stories

Welcome to the App Store’s #1 Kid Sleep App! We present to you: Moly, your kid’s best friend and your cutest helper! Say hello to a healthier and more peaceful life with your kid. Designed with premium care by experts to make your little one fall asleep with the fastest and easiest ways possible, Moly offers you countless content from magical lullabies and stories to joyful music, relaxing sounds, and research proven white, pink, and brown noises for more quality sleep, in addition to so much more!



Your children and you will have a lot of fun while reading the app's mascot Moly's stories that will fill your kid’s dreamland with all sorts of excitement.



Moly has gathered the most recommended and loved music for your kid that has all the experts’ approval!



Moly offers you lullabies sung by care and love that will ease your kid to a deep slumber. Each lullaby is added to support the quality of your kid’s sleep.



You can relax while your child falls asleep to Moly's stories and melodies, or while you're kids immersed in reading funny stories.

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                    USER COMMENTS

Tina V. Fumetti

It is really an app that children will be safe to use. because there are no ads and the contents are also very clean for kids.

Matt Maginn

The stories and music are really good quality. My little one loved it. Moreover, new content is added every week.

Gena Pedwardine

My child falls asleep the moment she hears white, brown and pink noises. Thank you Moly.

A Well Rested Kid Means A Well Rested You!

Moly is looking forward to being your best helper in childcare!

Do you need a helper while putting your child to sleep?

Moly will be your child's best friend and your best helper.

Are you looking for new lullabies to listen to new stories to tell your kids?

Moly has a huge and great collection which include stories, lullabies and calming tunes.

The gentlest lullabies to relax your kid and fall into sleep.

Stories that will take your kid to magical wonderlands with their soothing tones.

Classical melodies recommended by experts for better sleep quality and intelligence development.

A variety of white, pink, and brown noises and nature sounds proven by research for deeper sleep.

%100 Safe for kids with no ads feature.

Moly will be your children's best friend with contents, calming melodies and relaxing music that all children can love.

Moly does not show any ads to your kids and is completely safe for children. Our content has been carefully prepared for your child's psychological health.

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