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Photo Editor App

Let Make Your Photos Perfect

Thanks to Photo Editor's useful tools, it is now very easy to make selfies incredible, share posts that look like they were taken by a professional photographer, and give the effect you want to the photos. Photo Editor has dozens of useful tools. These tools allow you to beautify, cut, combine, filter your photos.



Close your acne, spots, moles or other imperfections that you want to cover from the smoother tab. Change your hair color and add natural glow and lighting to your photos.



You can create the desired effect with your photos using unique filters.



Edit more than one photo at the same time. After editting photos you can merge them or create a collage.



Blur the places you want in the photos with your touches or automatically.

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                    USER COMMENTS

Davey Fuentes

Omg! This can be the best photo editor app ever.

E. Kramer

Easy to use and I really love its filters.

Brittani Moe

The smoother feature is really good it covers all my acnes.

Are you ready to become a professional photographer and photo editor?

Download the app right now and start editing, cutting and combining your stories, photos and selfies as you wish.

When you see the perfect photos shared by other users on social media platforms, do you envy them?

The secret to perfect photos is perfect editing. You can do perfect editing with this app simply.

Do you have parts that you do not want to appear in your photos or that you want to blur?

Photo Editor's masking feature is for you. You can blur the places you want in the photos with your touches or automatically.

Smoother feature for covering acne, spots, moles or other imperfections.

Realistic hair color change feature.

Lighting feature to give natural glow and illumination to photos.

Dozens of interesting filters.

Masking for the spam part of the photos.

Professional editing tools for your selfies and posts.

Beautify your photos with smoother, changing hair color and lighten features.

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