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Sleep App

Relaxing Meditations & Musics

Welcome to the App Store’s #1 Sleep App! Say hello to healthier and much better sleep. Designed with premium care by experts to make you fall asleep with the fastest and easiest ways possible! Our application offers you pre-sleep guided meditations, quality stories, excellent sounds in nature and fantastic pre-sleep music.



We invite you to close your eyes and relax while you are using app. With our features this is so easy.



You will be more peaceful when you listen to variety of white, pink, and brown noises proven by research for deeper sleep and realistic nature sounds.



Meditations that will completely solve your sleep problems. You can choose meditate section in app and meditate easily when you listen to relaxing melodies.



Do you can't sleep from thinking too much? Try these carefully crafted stories to solve your sleep problem. When you listen to the Sleep App's soothing stories you will soon be asleep.

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                    USER COMMENTS

Hanna Fauvaque

I've been looking for an app that combines all the relaxing and sleep-enhancing melodies for a long time, finally found it.

O. Caffyn

I fall asleep really fast with that white and brown noise. I love this app.

Sasha Nevatt

The sound section to listen to while meditating is really high quality. Really good app!

Everything you need for a more peaceful sleep is in the Sleep App.

You will no longer have trouble sleeping

Do you have sleeping disorders?

Sleep App helps you overcome insomnia and other sleep disorders with relaxing sounds and special noises prepared by experts.

Do you need music and sounds to listen to while meditating?

In the meditation section, you can find sounds that will clear your mind and make it easier for you to meditate.

The guided meditation with gentle sounds.

Stories that will take you to imagination world with their soothing tones.

Classical melodies recommended by experts for better sleep quality.

A variety of white, pink, and brown noises proven by research for deeper sleep.

Realistic nature sounds.

Clean your mind with this app. In this way, you will be sleep deeply and then you will be more happy, energetic and fit during the day.

We have prepared all those app for your healthy and peace. These app will take you peaceful times and will greatly support your sleep.

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