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Smart Cleaner App

Data Manager : Junk Removal

There is a lot of data in your device that you have overlooked and that takes up more space than you think. Finding this data can sometimes seem difficult and sometimes impossible, but with Cleaner, you can see all of this data and easily clean your device.



Manage your device's memory card so you can prevent viruses and unnecessary data from taking over your device.



Cleaner detects your duplicate photos, so you can free up phone memory with duplicates on your phone.



You can easily delete and clean the videos that you once took on your phone and forgot or that take up more space than you think.



With the Vault feature, you can put the data you want to keep on your phone in the vault.

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                    USER COMMENTS

Molly Savignac

I really couldn't believe the data gap that opened up on my phone.

Y. Udal

It really frees up a lot of space on your device so your device gets incredibly fast.

Riley Hansen

I had a lot of ss taking up space on my phone and it can detect identical photos. It's really good at deleting them.

Manage your device's datas as you wish

Free your phone from photos you don't need with a single tap

Do you want to organize your gallery but don't know where to start?

Smart Cleaner analizes your gallery and detects identical photos.

Do you wondering what's filling up your device's memory?

Smart Cleaner scans your device's memory and shows you potentially harmful data that takes up a lot of space.

Detection of repeated photos.

Asking you which ones you want to delete.

Getting rid of all the redundant data with a single tap.

Seeing and deleting videos that take up large space.

Putting the data you want in vault.

Get rid of all the redundant data with a single tap. Empty excess data from your device with the clean button that appears when you enter the menu.

Smart Cleaner also provides 100% security for the data you want to keep. When you want to access the data you have stored, Vault asks you for the password you have set before, allowing you to access the data after a secure transition.

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