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TikTok Scheduler App

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Install the app now, allow app to access the photo library, choose the TikTok video you want, add a title with hashtags, set when the video will be published. And that's all you have to do. You will receive a notification when it is time to send. Tapping on the notification will launch the app and then the TikTok app will automatically open with the video and the title for that post.



Give the app access to your photo gallery. Then you can select the desired video to schedule.



After selecting the video you want, the video will open in the application. All you have to do is specify the hashtags and the dates you want to write the title and post.



The app will notify your device at the scheduled time.



When you click on the notification, TikTok will automatically open with the video you have chosen, the title and hashtag you have written, and you only have to touch the share button.

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                    USER COMMENTS

Camilla Nicholls

Perfect! I needed a TikTok scheduler like this app. It's very useful.

Troy Garrett

A great app to plan your posts ahead of time.

N. Menzie

It is very easy to use and not confusing. I like this app.

Plan your TikTok posts in advance and save your time!

Manage your social media sharings with this app and increase your profile's popularity every day.

Do you need an app to easily schedule your TikTok videos?

With the app in 3 easy steps -Step 1: tapping the video, Step 2: writing the title and hashtags, Step 3: choosing the dates- you can plan your posts.

Forgetting to share posts and want an app to remind you by sending notifications?

The app will notify your device at the scheduled time. Notifications may include alerts, sounds and icon badges. You can configure this in settings.

Choosing videos in device's gallery.

Saving schedules with titles and hashtags.

Setting the date.

Getting reminder natifications.

Configuring notifications. They may include alerts, sounds and icon badges.

Due to the increasing number of social media accounts recently, you may have accumulated too many profiles to manage and too many shares to do.

This can become a big problem, especially if you want to be popular on social media.

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