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Translator App

Voice and Text Translator

With the globalization of our world, it has become a necessity to meet foreign cultures. When meeting new cultures and new people, it is most important to understand their language correctly. It is impossible to know all languages ​​well. You can easily do your translation work with this app. Translator include voice, text and instant translation. So you have a powerful translator from now on!



Translate text in images instantly by just pointing your camera or just take a picture of the text.



You may draw text characters instead of typing thanks to our handwriting feature.



With our voice feature, it will be very easy to chat with your friends from different nationalities.



Import your texts which you translate and save them in the application and thus create your own library.

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                    USER COMMENTS

Madison Roffe

The voice translation of this app is %100 correct. I love this app.

Kemp Mccarthy

This is a very useful translator. It is very easy to use they have a simple menu.

Abby Tillery

They combined many translation options in one app and this is what I looked for.

Every new language means a new door to the world.

This app will be your best assistant while learning new languages.

Do you need an app where you can translate your texts and save them on it?

You can import your texts which you translate and save them in the application and thus create your own library.

Are you looking for a translator that will make accurate translations just by listening to your voice?

You can translate your speech on the fly.

Pointing camera to texts or taking picture for translating.

Handwriting feature: Drawing text characters instead of typing.

Voice feature: translating speech on the fly.

Conversation Feature: Instant translating into the two languages.

Saving old translation results.

The best translator which include many translation options!

Translator will translate quickly and %100 correctly.

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