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Vault App

Store Your Photos & Accounts

Safely store your information with strong passwords. Set your password. After you set your password, you can start using the data you want in the vault. These are mainly your private notes, photos, and bank card information. You can %100 trust Vault App.



Your private notes are safely protected without ever getting lost.



You may have many photos on your phone that are just for you. You can safely hide your private photos in Vault App.



Thanks to Vault App, you can protect your card information in a secure and encrypted way and use it easily.



Feel safe with Vault App's ability to store your social media passwords.

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                    USER COMMENTS

Ines Simon

It is very difficult to find a safe app that you can truly trust. I haven't experienced a data gap in this application.

Eunice Gentry

This app is amazing! It save your credit card informations, private notes, passwords reliably.

Marcel Neal

I was looking for a place to store my social media passwords. The vault of this app looks really safe to me.

Keep your information in vault with peace of mind.

Vault App saves you both time and hassle.

Do you need a safe place to store your private information?

Vault App provides a safe place where you can safely store your passwords, photos, notes and credit card information.

Are you looking for an app to protect your photos with password?

To protect yourself, you can keep your photos in the Vault App and provide encrypted protection.

Keeping your private photos safe.

Storage for your notes with strong passwords.

Protection when saving your bank card information.

Space for your social media passwords.

Protecting your privacy with strong passwords.

You can safely keep all your private information together in Vault App.

Your social media passwords, notes, photos and much more are safe in your wallet of Vault App.

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