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Visual Breathing App

Prana Breathe : Exhale & Relax

When you start breathing properly your level of anxiety will decrease and your mind will be more clear. Breathing exercises allows you to breathe correctly and then you will be less stressful and worried. Also your sleep quality will increase. If you are struggling with insomnia, breathing exercises very useful to you too. Thanks to the app, you will say hello to a more mindful life.



Take a deep breath and calm down. With our guided breathing exercises its more easy.



When you use our specially designed full screen breath visualization and motivated animations, you can overcome anxiety with working on your breathing pattern.



You can control your breathing with the breath circle counter to better concentrate on your life.



Check your progress by feature of tracking usage history. You can see your graphs, total time and streaks.

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                    USER COMMENTS

Elliott Hall

They have simple and easy to use interface and breathing exercise really works. I feel much better and less stressful since i started the exercises.

Kelly M.

Their guided sessions are very good. The duration is not short, it takes about 30 minutes. I very like it.

Mike Shaw

I like the track usage history feature. I can follow my progress and reminders are also good. Prevents you from forgetting.

Open the doors of your mind with your new breathing coach

Skill of breathing you will get your life on track

Don't you know how you can decrease your stress level.

Breathing exercises can help you to being relax.

Do you struggle with insomnia or other sleep disorders.

When you start breathing exercises your sleep disorders will improve over time.

Full screen breath visualizations and motivated breathing animations.

Guided session lengths from 1-30 minutes.

Breathe cycle counter for better breathing exercises and meditations.

Feature of track usage history: You can see your graphs, total time and streaks.

Set your themes, reminders and more...

Visual Breathing App will be your best helper about overcoming stressful life, daily worries and sleep disorders like insomnia.

When you start breathing correctly, you will see how everything is going right in your healthy and in your life.

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