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Visual Meditation App

Mesmerize, breath, trippy calm

Purify your mind and welcome a new level of consciousness with this app. You will increase your concentration while reducing your stress level with HD videos and quality musics. Also, your sleep will become much better qualified and efficently. You can meditate with relaxing audios, satisfying videos, specialized tunes and nature sounds. If you want to increase your energy, you can do guided breathing exercises. With this app, you will focus on your existence much better and you will be able to manage your life much better.



Meditate with hd soothing videos and special designed audios more easily.



Your sleep will be more qualified thanks to rich audio library which include nature sounds and calming noises.



With many of visual categories you can be relax, calm down and manage your stress easily. Such as satisfying videos, motion images of tunnel, visual meditation and more.



With specially designed unique visuals that will magically immerse you, clear your mind and improve your consciousness.

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                    USER COMMENTS

Miranda Breeden

With this application, I can meditate easily. Videos and images very qualified. It is a good app that you can relieve your stress. I like it.

Ashley Reid

Since I started using this application, I can concentrate on my work much better. Guided breathing exercises are also very good. I can get rid of my stress and focus on my works more simply.

James Saunders

An app that helps you increase your self-awareness. Especially meditation videos hypnotize me.

Cleanse your subconscious mind with this app and focus on your new life

With the new level of consciousness you will gain with Visual Meditation App, it will be very easy to control your life

Do you want to relax but can't succeed no matter how hard you try?

You can dicrease your level of anxiety with our unique videos, guided breathing evercises and specially selected audios.

Do you want to start meditation but don't know where to start?

We prepared videos, motion images, musics and more for simple and deep meditation experience.

Exclusively designed hd videos for your meditation.

Realistic nature sounds including rivers, birds, campfire, rain and more...

Specially organized music library to help you focus.

Sleep timer to automatically shut off the audio and video after a set period of time.

More than 1000 satisfying and soothing motion images for stress management.

With this app, you can take control of your life by learning stress management in various ways.

Lower your anxiety level, clear your mind, breathe properly with many features of app and say hello to the new you.

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