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Adblocker : Website Ad Blocker
Adblocker : Website Ad Blocker

Clean Browsing & Safe Search

Safer and more free surfing on the Internet. Now you won't have to deal with annoying ads while searching for the content you want on the internet and you will be able to move freely. Moreover, you can now watch your movies and videos without being interrupted by advertisements.



It's your own freedom so it should be your decision whether you see the ads or not.



You can watch the videos, tv series, movies and listen to musics without interruption.



You will no longer have to deal with ads that will bother you while browsing on the internet.



You can block the all ads which bothering you on the internet and the apps which you use.

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Lily Zehntner

Great! It really blocks all the ads you are exposed to on the Internet.

Annie Joseph

I was getting annoyed that it was paused every second while watching a video. The app is really looking to work.

Arlen Barry

This app saved me the trouble of seeing the same ads on social media after looking at a product.

It is no longer possible to see that to force you to watch advertisements just because you have visited a few sites and liked a few products

Say hello to safer and more free surfing on the Internet

1- When you search for a product on the web, are you tired of seeing its advertisements all day?

Adblock is designed and prepared to save you from all ads.

2- Tired of your movies and TV shows being interrupted by commercials?

Adblock is designed and prepared to save you from all ads.

What bothers you the most while watching a video? Is it cut because of advertising at its most crucial point? That ad that interrupts your music while you're lying far away on your phone?

Now it's time to put an end to these and it is passing! Adblock is designed and prepared to solving this problems.

Uninterrupted surfing on the Internet.

Blocking pop-up apps.

News reading without ads popping up everywhere.

Easier browsing.

Entering the sites without thinking about advertising and examine the products.

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