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Motivation : Daily Affirmation
Motivation : Daily Affirmation

Inspire : Wise Words & Widgets

Motivation App are one of the simplest and most powerful ways to rise your mood when you're having hard times and need an extra support to get stuff done or start something new. It’s all about keeping your mind clearly and feeling there are someone with you. With Motivation's settings you can customize widgets with amazing fonts,wonderful colors and unique screen backgrounds! Then, you can set your reminders which include amazing quotes when you want after that you will feel Motivation by your side every time.



With more than 10,000 quotes and visuals of Motivation get inspired and motivated on whatever topic you want.



If you wish, you can set reminders and see quotes from Motivation at any time as a notification.



If you want the quotes to appear on the screen of your devices choose that from the widgets and design your widgets with stylish fonts,unique colors, static and live themes and qualitified screen backgrounds!



You can share Motivation's quotes with your loved ones on any social media platform.

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K. Driscoll

It is incredible that it gives you inspiration and motivation in the category you choose. Their visuals are also qualitified.

Joe Milne

There are quotes on almost every subject, you can choose the ones you want and set your reminders.

Sara Kerr

The ability to set reminders at the time you want is very good. I set it up when I wake up and at work or before a business meeting and it helps me stay motivated.

Motivation: Daily Affirmation is always by your side when you have hard times

After a bad day all we need are correct and positive reminders

1- Do you find it difficult to start a new job, exercise, or diet?

With Motivation's daily reminders you will find the strength to solve your problems.

2- Do you have trouble solving your daily problems and managing stress?

With Motivation's daily reminders you will find the strength to solve your problems.

The best way to start a new life is to be inspired by a peaceful, positive and motivational quote. With Motivation: Daily Affirmation you will feel more motivated and positive to create a new you.

Motivation app by your side with a rich and exclusive quotes library, realistic nature sounds, unique background desings, static and live themes and much more...

Hundreds of quotes from exclusive library.

Perfectly designed visuals to motivate you.

Ability to saving and sharing your favorite quotes.

Customizable widgets with backgrounds, fonts and colors of your choice.

Nature sounds include birds, campfire, rain and more.

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