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Choosing The Right App Developer

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

Differences of The Best App Developer From Its Competitors

The best app developers are app builders who should have; analytical intelligence, creativity,

good communication, being a team worker, noticing details, and problem solving skills.

Analytical intelligence; It is called the intelligence that immediately thinks solution-oriented in

the face of an issue or an event. It is the ability to separate a problem or subject into

subtopics with the deductive method and evaluate each information separately. The purpose

of dividing the subjects into small parts and questioning the information is to analyze and

develop the whole by starting from the parts. Mobile app developers also need analytical

intelligence to learn how to code and work with a focus on problem solving. They also need

to be creative for inventing new ways of handling problems and developing innovative

applications. They must pay close attention to detail for having all parts of applications

working together for the application to function. Because of developers usually work in

teams, they should be able to work well with others and have good communication skills.

Communication skills will also be required in the connections they will establish with

customers. Before working with a mobile app developer, you can check the comments of the

apps that the developer has previously developed. If the app developer has a website, you

can view the developer's testimonials, previous apps, and user and customer reviews from

there. The best app developers should have a large portfolio and have testimonials from

successful clients. You can also find references of the mobile app developer on his/her

career sites or professional social media accounts. If the developer is a developer, it will be

useful to read the App Store comments of the applications he/she has made for iOS

developers, and if he/she is an Android app developer, it will be useful to read the Play Store

comments. Apart from references and comments, you should also research the CV of the

mobile app developer and see if he/she has already produced an app project as you want.

Even if you do not have a project of the type of application you want, you can understand

whether you can produce your new app from scratch by looking at the quality and success of

other apps it has developed. The best mobile app developers should be able to build the

application in such a way that it can work completely, regardless of the type of application

you want to produce. You should also pay attention to which software languages the app

developer knows. For example; The best iOS developers are proficient with one of the two

programming languages for this platform: Objective-C or Swift. The best app developers

generally work with the best mobile app agencies. You can find them in these agencies too.

The Best App Developer Should Be able to Understand and Respond to Your Requests

The best app developers should be able to understand exactly what the customers to whom

they will sell apps want and provide fast and accurate feedback. Because of customer

representatives also work in the best mobile app agencies, app builders will understand you

better and communicate with you more professionally. In addition, best mobile app

developers should give you suggestions for the application to be more successful against

your wishes.

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